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Stream-2-Stream allows anyone with a broadband connection 
to create their own internet TV or radio station.

# You need the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in order to run Stream-2-Stream.
Get it here:

# You will need a media player that can play shoutcast and icecast streams
Get Winamp here:

How to start
# Double click on client.jar to listen to a stream.

# Double click on server.jar to broadcast a stream.

On the first time started, a bandwidth test will begin.  
Please be patient during this time.  

If the bandwidth test does not complete, you can try again by going to
Settings->Options->Network then clicking on |Test Bandwidth (sets fields below)|

*Unverified - LAN USE
******* NOTE:  These numbers can be anything specified.  
*       It is recommended to use unverified on networks other than the internet (LANs).
*       Do not use unverified over the internet, people can lie or be clueless about their 
*       bandwidth.
* # Upload - Can be any floating point negative or positive. >=0 represents bandwidth in KB/s.  
*   < 0 represents children that can be served(e.g. -3 will serve up to 3 children).  Negatives 
*   will be rounded down to integers.
* # Download - Similar to upload
*Verified - INTERNET USE
******* Testing bandwidth stops users from lieing about there bandwidth and helps users
*       who don't know about bandwidth.  Only clients on the internet and clients on the same machine 
*       as the server (loopback  can connect.  Loopback clients are in a separate 
*       tree and do not take up any of the servers designated bandwidth.
* # Verified Maximum Upload - The maximum amount you can upload, tested by the speed tester.
*  This number cannot be specified
* # Verified Maximum Download - Similar to Verified Maximum Upload
* # Verified Upload Limit - The amount of upload bandwidth you are dedicating.  
* This can be specified, but it is recommended not to.
* Must be between Verified Max and 0,
* Verified Max >= Verified Upload Limit >= 0
* # Verified Download Limit - Similar to Verified Upload limit
************ To change your server's bandwidth mode go to Settings->Options->General

Enter a broadcaster address (  

Buttons -
|join| - connect.
|bump| - changes to another peer supplier.
|leave| - disconnect, afterwards you can connect to another station.

There 2 different ways to broadcast:
1. Relay:  Enter an existing shoutcast ( or icecast ( 
   server address, press  |Serve Public|  or  |Serve Private|.

2. New s2s Station:  Create a private local shoutcast/icecast server (set public to 0), 
   load media onto the shoutcast server, enter the address in s2s 
   (e.g., press  |Serve Public|  or  |Serve Private|.

Buttons -
|Serve Public| - Broadcasts the station and adds it to the s2s yellow pages
|Serve Private| - Broadcasts the station
|Remove from the yellow pages| - Removes the station from the yellow pages

# When you connect to a station it is added to your station history.

# To access stations you have connected to, press the arrow on the drop down box,
select a station, and press join.

# To configure s2s go to settings->options.  

# Various options can be set here.  

# Press |Save Settings| when you are done configuring to save settings out to xml.

Reasons for denial
Clients can be denied service for the following reasons: 

 1. Old version of software
 2. IP address does not match the tested IP address
 3. Verified Upload Bad 
 4. Verified Download Bad
 5. Not enough download
 6. Not enough upload

What is?
# Lag - The amount of time your stream is behind real time in milliseconds.  
  At the moment it is not so accurate, negative numbers are being received.  I 
  believe this has to do with the way the packets are time stamped.  Negative numbers 
  are filtered out of the display.  Lag is only the s2s station lag, additional lag 
  will be seen from shoutcast->s2s and s2s->media player.
  The way the lag function works:  First, a request is sent out to the server.  The 
  server replys with the amount of time it has been running.  When your client 
  receives this time it starts a timer from that point.  Once you start receiving a 
  stream from a supplier, every so often a timestamp is received.  This timestamp has 
  been passed down the network unchanged, so if your supplier is not the server, 
  this timestamp is a past indication of how long the server had been running. 
  Finally, The timestamp is subtracted from your timer time to give a indication of 

# Uptime - The amount of time the station has been running.  
  This is just the timestamp being displayed.

# Log - Log to a file with the date and time of day as the filename

# Log As - Log to a file by specifying a filename.  NOTE:  If this is set in the options
  menu the log will be overwritten every time the program is started.

Q:  Can a stream be recorded to a file and viewed in the media player simultaneously?

A:  Yes, and they can also be done separate.

Q:  When trying to connect to a station I receive:
    "Server denies:  Your IP address is different from the one tested.  
     Re-test your bandwidth."

A:  Generally these messages are self explanatory, but this one is different.  
    Every time you test your bandwidth, your internet IP address is recorded.  
    This address is sent to the server when connecting.  
    The first three octets(x.x.x.y (y is not checked)) of this address are checked 
    against the first three octets of the ip the server sees.  

    If the first three octets of the two IPs are different, you will be denied service.  
    Accepted: --
    Accepted: --
    Denied: --
    You will need to re-test your bandwidth if you are denied for this reason.

Q:  s2s will not run for me anymore

A:  Move (cut or copy->paste->delete old) your ClientSettings.xml or 
    ServerSettings.xml file to another folder.  Re-launch s2s.  Report the bug and 
    what you did the last time it was working in the forums.  Open up the xml settings 
    in notepad and paste the text into your post.

Please post bugs, suggestions, and lag numbers in the forums!!!!!!!!!!

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